“Stop the nonsense... Life and tart have the same value...
Just chop off the head... Feel Like So.”

Type: Pullip
Model: Lunatic Queen
Wig: Coolcat
Eyes: Coolcat
Make-up: Made by me, except the eyebrows
Other customs: Lashes, obitsu SBH-S + earrings

Name: Fumiko Taemi Chikanatsu
Nicknames: Fumiko, Fumi
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire
Age: 16
Family: Parents
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 12.3.
Likes: Romantic evenings with Keiichiroo, tea, relaxing, high heels, skirts, and that kind of stuff :D
Doesn't like: Hard work, when everything doesn't go like she would like it, rude people, little children
Favourite colour: Red, white & black
Hobbies: Nothing really
Personality: Fumiko is a bit bossy, and sometimes a little dandy, because she was the only child of her rich parents. You don't see her really often without a skirt and high heels. Fumiko can seem a bit annoying, but when you get to know her, she is actually really nice and delicate.
Fumiko is a real drama queen, and she's not afraid to show her feelings. So sometimes she can start crying without any good reason or something like that.
Boyfriend: Keiichiroo
Past: She lived in Japan with her parents her whole childhood. Her family didn't have a lack of money, so she always got everything she wanted. At the age of 12 she moved to Finland with her family. As a rich family's girl, she has been to the best schools and had all kinds of private educations, even tough you couldn't see that based on her behaviour.. 
- She's a half vampire (Keiichiroo changed her)

“I am the storyteller of the evening… Now hurry….
I will take you to the wonderland!!”

Type: Taeyang
Model: Lunatic White Rabbit
Wig: Coolcat Black
Eyes: Stock
Make-up: I've darkened the stock make-up and done new lips
Other customs: Piercing, earrings

Name: Keiichiroo Ryouta Hashimoto
Nicknames: Keiichiroo, Keiichi
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: 17
Family: Sister Rhiannon, cousin Mitsuharu...
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 8.8.
Likes: Rainy days, reading, Fumiko, Nana-Kei, Kenji (but he doesn't admit it), art, gothic stuff...
Doesn't like: Sunny and hot days, loudness...
Favourite colours: Black & red
Girlfriend: Fumiko
Hobbies: Playing the piano & guitar + painting...
Personality: Pretty calm and mature, when he's in a good mood. But on the other hand, Keiichiroo just isn't always in a good mood... :D In a bad mood he's very impulsive. Usually he's kind of melancholic, and he's self-esteem is low. But of course there is a kind and tender side in Keiichiroo, which usually shows with Fumiko. Keiichiroo is also very kind to Nana-Kei, she's like his little sister.
Even tough Keiichiroo is physically very strong, mentally he is quite insecure and fragile. He's scared of everything and everyone, and stresses about everything.
Past: Can't remember anything of his real family. Keiichiroo was adopted to Hashimoto-family at the age of two (see also Kenji's past). That family's half vampire father had always tried to become a pureblood vampire (even tough it's not possible), and he used his pureblood adoption son for that (who didn't even know he was a pureblood). The father drank Keiichiroo's blood many times, thinking that this would make him a pureblood vampire.
Later, the family's mother died in an accident, and the father couldn't control himself anymore. After a couple of years of mistreating, Keiichiroo killed him. After that, he moved to Finland. He also found out that the man he killed wasn't his real father, and he was adopted (so that's why things between Kenji and Keiichiroo got even worse).
- He is a vampire, so he is more powerful than a normal human.
- Addicted to smoking (Has tried to stop, but hasn't succeeded yet)

"Protect, Serve, Bang Bang! Feel like so."

Type: Taeyang
Model: Neo Angelique "Rayne"
Wig: Stock
Eyes: Coolcat
Make-up: Stock
Other customs: Piercing

Name: Kenji Akira Hashimoto
Nicknames: Kenji
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 17
Family: Parents died, only his brother Keiichiroo left of his family (but he isn't a real brother though...)
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 20.12
Likes: Iina (his girlfriend, Nipsu's doll), annoying Keiichiroo, exercise
Doesn't like: Cleaning, hard work
Favourite colour: Blue
Girlfriend: Iina (Nipsu's doll)
Hobbies: Nothing really
Personality: He's really a guy with a sense of humor. He's very easygoing, doesn't get mad easily. Always going somewhere, gets often bored. Kenji likes annoying Keiichiroo, because he loses his temper so easily (but usually these situations ends when Keiichiroo beats Kenji up)... Kenji doesn't always think before he opens his mouth, and it isn't always a very good thing...
Past: Kenji's life has always been a bit confusing. His mother was a human and father a half vampire, who was very disappointed when he heard that his son was just a normal human, and he tried every way to get rid of him. When Kenji was 2-years-old, his family adopted a pureblood vampire boy, Keiichiroo. They never became very close, since Kenji couldn't trust vampires anymore after he was mistreated by his father.
Later when his parents died, Kenji decided to head abroad. He became a small criminal, and earned just enough money to get by. Later he decided to find Keiichiroo, and he ended up to live with Fumiko and Keiichiroo.
- Former criminal, has done all kinds of stupid things a few years ago

"I always dash out in front of people and make people surprise!!!
I love to make tricks to people and I never lose against Lipoca..."

Type: Dal
Model: Tezca
Wig: Stock
Eyes: One is from Coolcat, one is painted white by me
Make-up: Stock
Other customs: Obitsu

Name: Nana-Kei Mamie Rui Hokusai
Nicknames: Nana-Kei, Nana, Kei...
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 10
Family: No close relatives alive...
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 21.6
Likes: Playing, Hello Kitty, Keiichiroo...
Doesn't like: Mean people, her sister + also a little scared of some vampires (krhm, Mitsuharu).
Favourite colour: Pink, purple and black
Hobbies: Playing, drawing...
Past: Coming soon!
Personality: Nana-Kei is pretty typical 10-year-old girl, playful and positive, even though she had been through a lot during her short life. Nana-Kei is very shy when it comes to new people, so it can be hard to get to know her. Always relies on Keiichiroo, Nana-Kei thinks him as her big brother.
Else: -

"In Matokata A brave young man extends the bow with his arrow and releases it. 
Such a lovely spectacle!"

Type: Taeyang
Model: Seiran
Wig: Plasticpop
Eyes: Coolcat
Make-up: Stock
Other customs: None

Name: Mitsuharu Tomoki Sasada
Nicknames: Mitsuharu, Mitsu
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: About 25
Family: Closest relatives propably cousins Keiichiroo and Rhiannon
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 21.9.
Likes: Having fun, alcohol, his job, women...
Doesn't like: Serious conversations, boredom...
Favourite colour: Almost everything goes
Hobbies: Shooting with a bow
Personality: Mitsuharu is like a gentle big brother, apart from that he changes women like socks, and can sometimes come home, hmm, a little drunk.
But anyway, he's very friendly, even though he teases everyone all the time (in a friendly way though). He's also always ready to listen if you've got troubles, and help when you need it. He has a good sence of humor, and he likes to make everyone laugh.
Past: His childhood was pretty normal - or oh well, as normal as the childhood of a pureblood vampire can be. As soon as Mitsuharu learned how to walk, his parents started to train him to become a guardian, like it was used to do in the Sasada family. Mitsuharu really wanted to make his parents proud, and that succeeded when Mitsuharu passed the tests and got to the guardian training school. But unfortunately his parents died during a work gig when Mitsuharu was 15. Until he graduaded, Mitsuharu lived at his uncle's place with Rhiannon. At the age of 18 Mitsuharu got to the real work, and after that he has been working all across the globe.
- He has an excellent vision, and that's why he is very good at shooting with a bow
- Works as a guardian in the vampire community

"I am baking cookies and making tea for my master.
When I am hungry, I snitch a little... Feel like so."

Type: Pullip
Model: Stica
Wig: Leeke
Eyes: Coolcat
Make-up: Scar/wound, eybrows darkened, otherwise stock
Other customs: Eyelashes, obitsu SBH-L

Name: Rhiannon Shinju Sasada
Nicknames: Rhiannon, Rhia
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire
Age: About 19
Family: Brother Keiichiroo, cousin Mitsuharu...
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 18.6.
Likes: Almost everything (or if not, she pretends to like it), but especially gothic lolita -style, dresses, Keiichiroo, Mitsuharu, talking with humans/vampires, her job...
Doesn't like: Sweet lolita or pink and cotton candy stuff...
Favourite colour: Black
Hobbies: ?
Personality: Very kind and gentle. Likes to chat with everyone (does that for living also, haha), so she is very social. Gets along with everyone. Usually very happy and kind, and even if she's sad she wont show it. Rhiannon never gets mad. She has been Mitsuharu's best friend since childhood, and she still enjoy's his company, at home or at work. She also likes his little brother very much.
Rhiannon ofter uses words "work me" and "home me" of herself, because at work Rhiannon is completely different than at home. Despite Rhiannon's kind and gentle personality, when she is working, she's a cold-blooded guardian, who is not afraid of using a gun if needed.
Past: Coming soon
Else: -

"I can hear JAZZ and your voice from far away... 
Wait... I'll come see you at night!!!"

Type: Taeyang
Model: Natsume
Wig: Luts
Eyes: Coolcat
Make-up: Stock
Other customs: Tattoos

Name: Nathaniel Marshall Hunter Deforrest
Nicknames: Nathaniel, Nathan, Nate...
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: About 20
Family: ?
Date of arrival ("birthday"): 24.9.
Likes: ?
Doesn't like: ?
Favourite colour: ?
Hobbies: ?
Personality: ?
Past: ?
Else: -